It was early 2022 when IRD Engineering started operating in Romania through a branch office in Bucharest and nowadays our teams in the country are providing engineering services for the construction of several important infrastructure projects.

Examples of our work are the supervision of works on the Autostrada A3, which connects Bucharest with Transylvania and the north-western region, on the Lot 2 of the Lugoj – Deva Motorway (Autostrada A1), which is the only missing part to complete the highway between Sibiu and the border with Hungary, on two sections of the Buzău – Focșani Motorway (Autostrada A7), and, more recently, on Lot 2 of the Sibiu-Pitești section, a motorway that will connect Central and Western Romania with the European highway network, being an important part of the Pan-European Corridor 4.

After all these initiatives in the road sector, and as an effort to diversify activities, IRD Engineering have just obtained the AFER Certification, a prerequisite to operate in the railway engineering domain. AFER is the Romanian Railway Authority (Autoritatea Feroviara Romana), the railway and subway technical body of the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. This new certification is an important milestone for our plans in the country, representing yet another sign of our firm commitment towards our Romanian colleagues, partners and clients.

Either as owner’s advisors or as independent engineers, IRD Engineering is a leading company in the implementation of transport infrastructure projects under the most common FIDIC Conditions of Contract, providing whole management and supervision services, covering all aspects and all phases, and achieving project completion on time, within budget, and with the desired quality.

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