In all implemented projects, IRD Engineering adopts dedicated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools that fulfil the highest principles of Quality Assurance and traceability of documents.

LogicalDOC, our Document Management System (DMS), allows sharing working documents between project staff, partners and clients on a safe way. The documents are indexed and completed with metadata for an efficient and easily searchable archiving.

All project documentation is made available through categories for an easy browsing. This way, all pertinent stakeholders are informed in real time of any development in the project, wherever they are. They can even monitor the development of the works through a photo-gallery that is chronologically and geographically organized.

Real-time access to all the relevant documentation of any project is also facilitated (drawings, reports and other design documentation, tender and contract documentation, instructions and approvals, design changes, templates, standards, official exchanged communications, site instructions for supervision projects, Payment Certificates, etc.).

3CX is our integrated communication system, offering IP communications associated with web conferencing. It provides:

  • a switchboard system that easily integrates remote offices into the corporate telephone system;
  • a platform for online video conferencing;
  • an IT system which enables IRD staff to work remotely;
  • complete set of tools for collaboration and teamwork;
  • in-the-cloud implementation of 3CX allows access to the platform functionalities regardless of the place of access.

Furthermore, we count on our own internal IT team for the development and management of specific IT tools and platforms. In particular, our team developed IRDCR, a multipurpose application compatible with all relevant operating systems (OS as Microsoft Windows, Android, Apple IOS and MACOS) to survey, collect and monitor the implementation of works execution during the life cycle of the project.