At IRD Engineering we understand that as global development expands, so does the number of environmental problems facing the built and natural environment. Hence our strong believe in the delivery of services aimed at maintaining the quality of water and the environment.

We provide a wide range of environmental services always applying a multidisciplinary and holistic approach.

Our experience in water supply, sewage disposal, and treatment facilities goes back to the company’s early days.

Our services cover from the planning and design to the management and supervision of works in interventions to supply drinking water both in urban and rural areas. Similarly, in sanitation, IRD Engineering plans and designs sewerage systems and treatment plants as well as supervises and controls their construction.

In addition, we provide technical assistance and train staff from water utilities and other beneficiary institutions on various aspects related to the management of their assets and capital investments.

Our teams of specialists cover the full cycle of engineering services for:

  • Water treatment and water supply networks
  • Sewerage systems
  • Industrial and urban wastewater treatment
  • Irrigation schemes
  • Dams and other hydraulic structures
  • Landfills and incinerators

We also deliver all stages of any Environmental Impact Assessment process. We support it with specialists from all of the relevant environmental topic areas such as noise, air quality, water, biodiversity, landscape and heritage, as well as with technical experts experienced in all of the major infrastructure and developments sectors, such as urban development, energy, waste, water and transport.

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