IRD Engineering provides consultancy services to companies and organizations operating in difficult environments, under terroristic or sabotage hazards.

Since 2005, IRD Engineering is accredited as a service provider in the field of Military Engineering. As a result, the company has managed several projects in Europe and Asia concerning the design and supervision of strategic facilities (airport terminal buildings, hangars, bulk fuel installations, power plants, air operating surfaces, AGL system, roads and bridges, water and wastewater treatment plants), building infrastructure (accommodation, medical and dining facilities, offices and headquarters) and force protection facilities (entry control points, fencing and gates, watch towers, perimeter structures, bunkers) in areas exposed to terroristic and blast hazards.

IRD Engineering also performs blast and seismic vulnerability assessments, including the preparation of design for mitigation measures and implementation support services.

Our teams of specialists cover the full cycle of engineering services for:

  • Survey and data collection:
    • Analysis of project requirements
    • Identification of stakeholders
    • Topographical and geotechnical surveys
    • Site survey and meetings
    • Risk analysis and threat scenarios
  • Identification of customer needs:
    • Technical performance of the security systems
    • Operations and maintenance costs
    • Operating procedures
    • Customary technologies
    • Additional requirements
  • Design of infrastructure security and protection:
    • Optimal geometric layout
    • Barricades, pop-up systems, barriers, blast walls, control buildings, watchtowers, fencing and gates, ECPs, bunkers, etc.
    • Intrusion detection systems, CCTV, scanners, etc.
    • Procedures for the security personnel
  • Assistance for procurement of works
  • Works supervision and coordination in critical environment

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