Our multidisciplinary teams define optimal and integrated solutions during the planning stages of any type of infrastructure.

At a “macro level” we work closely with all stakeholders, including master planners, urban designers, infrastructure engineers, civil servants, and the public, to create the ideal plan  and to deliver the best-suited solution, and we do so while giving total priority to the most sustainable and resilient solutions, while minimizing costs and maximizing resources.

At a “micro level”, when analyzing a specific single infrastructure, we provide detailed and impartial feasibility studies that work as a firm basis for decision-makers and their prioritization of projects.

With absolute independence we analyze the technical and economic viability of any kind of project, undertaking a detailed study of the economic and financial impacts of the project, its legal viability, and its expected environmental and social impacts, considering a number of possible scenarios and recommending the most suitable one. We then give professional advice on the conceptual design of the selected solution and on the most desirable procurement strategy.

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