The City of Niš has the third largest population in Serbia. According to the 2011 Census, its administrative area had a population of roughly 375,00 inhabitants. However, nowadays there is still no form of wastewater treatment and all wastewater is discharged into the Nišava River.

In order to correct this situation, the Niš Wastewater Collection and Treatment Project was identified by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia as a top priority for financing, providing adequate wastewater treatment for the urban area and helping to comply with required EU regulations in the environment sector.

Specific activities and outputs of the programme include the construction of the main conveyance system to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) site (primary, main collectors, and pumping stations), as well as the construction of the WWTP for the Niš urban agglomeration and treatment of the wastewater from water treatment plant Mediana. These interventions are the minimum level of investment required in order to first convey the relevant flows to the WWTP site, and also to provide adequate wastewater treatment for the urban area.

In this context a Consortium led by IRD Engineering, and in association with Cabinet Merlin, have recently sign a contract financed by the European Union and aimed at the provision of FIDIC supervision services for the construction of the new wastewater treatment plant (286,000 population equivalent) and all the related sewerage network (4 pumping stations and almost 47 kilometres of collectors and sewers).

The purpose of the contract is the provision of any necessary technical support regarding the optimal coordination, effective supervision and project and site management of following works:

Lot 1: Construction of the WWTP Ciganski Ključ and the wastewater treatment at the water treatment plant Mediana (FIDIC Yellow Book), and

Lot 2: Construction and rehabilitation of collectors with pumping stations and construction of sewage network (FIDIC Red Book).

IRD’s experience in water supply, sewage disposal, and treatment facilities goes back to the company’s early days. Our services cover from the planning and design to the management and supervision of works in interventions to supply drinking water both in urban and rural areas. Similarly, in sanitation IRD Engineering plans and designs sewerage systems and treatment plants as well as supervises and controls their construction. In addition, we provide technical assistance and train staff from water utilities and other beneficiary institutions on various aspects related to the management of their assets and capital investments.

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