COVID-19 does not understand about borders and all our countries of operation are being affected in different degrees.

For this reason, our Project Managers and Country Offices have been asked to perform an assessment of the situation in all our ongoing projects. In some cases, the projects have been completely halted. In some others, the expatriate staff was demobilized and repatriated. Some contracts that were about to start are put on hold. Not easy and still we can say we are lucky. Everybody is safe.

All our Clients will be receiving a report of the situation, together with our recommendations, and with our message of disposition to implement any measures to cut the damage, to cooperate with any new national regulations, and, finally, to guaranty health and safety conditions in the workplace. And all this applying to over 80 ongoing contracts in almost 20 countries.

We must also express our condolences to those severely affected, to appreciate the work of all health professionals, corporations, individuals, NGOs, and governments who are at the forefront of the fight to contain the virus, and, of course, to thank our teams for going the extra mile even under these difficult circumstances.

In the end, rest assured that everything is going to be ok. Andrà tutto bene! 🙂