Project Details



Practice Area:
Defense and Military Infrastructure

Master Planning and Feasibility Studies

Engineering Design

Project Management and Works Supervision

Detailed Design of a Labor Camp for the Rehabilitation of a Dam

The assignment consisted of the provision of detailed design services and assistance for construction management for the construction of the logistics camp supporting the works for maintenance grouting and rehabilitation of the bottom outlet of a dam.

The works included the construction of containerized facilities (11 offices and 5 accommodations), a medical treatment facility, dining facilities and laundries, maintenance facilities, two MEDEVAC pads, two ECPs and force protection works (anti-ram ditch, fence, IDS, perimeter barrier, CCTV, watch-towers, bunkers, ammunition storages, etc.), and service buildings.

The detailed design included all drawings, design analysis, reports, calculations, and bill of quantities.

IRD Engineering’s led the following activities:

  • Master planning of the whole camp;
  • Design of force protection elements (physical barriers and external fencing, perimeter barriers, watchtowers, Entry Control Points, IDS, CCTV system, bunkers, ammunition depots K9 and personnel control centers);
  • Design of Helicopter landing platforms and FARP;
  • Design and supervision of all kinds of facilities within the camp.