Project Details



Practice Area:
Defense and Military Infrastructure

Master Planning and Feasibility Studies

Engineering Design

Integrated System for the Protection of Oil and Gas Installations

IRD Engineering was commissioned to provide security engineering services for the improvement of the protection of several oil fields and other facilities in Libya. The project related to the design for the upgrade of passive and active systems for the protection of oil and gas installations in the desert.

IRD Engineering’s led the preparation of:

  • Security surveys (vulnerability assessments, threat scenarios);
  • Feasibility studies (evaluation of options for perimeter protection, blast walls, watchtowers, entry control points, emergency gates, anti-intrusion detection systems, CCTV, floodlighting, safe havens, security control rooms, etc.)
  • Preliminary and Detailed Design of passive protection (perimeter fencing, entry control points, watchtowers, perimeter lighting, safe havens), and active systems (CCTV, intruder detection system, scanner and control facilities).