Project Details

European Union Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Master Planning and Feasibility Studies

Engineering Design

Preparation of Preliminary Studies and Designs for Improvement of the Road on SEETO Route 2a: Lasva – Jajce – Ugar (IEBL) – Banja Luka – Banja Luka Bypass

The project aimed at the betterment and reconstruction of the primary roads (M5 and M16) Lašva-Jajec-Ugar (Inter Entity Boundary Line)-Banja Luka – Banja Luka Bypass, with a total length of 198 km, all being part of the Comprehensive SEETO road network Route 2a.

The project was divided in two components:

  1. Component 1 – Lašva-Jajec-Ugar (Inter Entity Boundary Line) (114 km);
  2. Component 2 – Ugar (IEBL) – Banja Luka – Banja Luka Bypass (84 km).

The programme for betterment/reconstruction of primary roads included:

  • Carriageway widening, rehabilitation, or reconstruction, of critical elements of road alignment;
  • Pavement reconstruction/rehabilitation, including reconstruction/rehabilitation of road drainages, curbs, shoulders, traffic signalization, sidewalks;
  • Rehabilitation/ Reconstruction of road related structures (including bridges, viaducts and tunnels);
  • Construction of partial or full profile of the new road alignments and/or road related structures (including bridges, viaducts and tunnels).

Specific results achieved by IRD Engineering included:

  • Preparation of a technical report on the existing status of the road, expressed through the indicators concerning the specific road elements;
  • Analysis and identification of elements which were subject to consideration in the feasibility study;
  • Preliminary Solutions / Conceptual Designs with supporting studies that resulted in the first phase in development of a number of variants of the conceptual design (at least 5 for all sections-subsections) to improve the existing road and the related facilities;
  • In the second phase, by analyzing the relevant preliminary solutions and comparing those using standard methodologies in this field, two preliminary solutions were selected and then elaborated in the subsequent phases of the Project;
  • Technical Study;
  • Traffic Study and Multi-Criterion Analysis;
  • Preliminary Environment Impact Assessment for each of the sections;
  • Environment Management Plan, for each of the sections;
  • Preliminary Socio-economic Impact Assessment for betterment / reconstruction of the road,
  • Terms of Reference for provision of Preliminary and Main Design.