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Road Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Master Planning and Feasibility Studies

Engineering Design

Preparation of Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for the E-60 Highway Section from Natakhtari to Rustavi (Tbilisi Bypass)

The Natakhatari-Rustavi section of the highway starts at the Natakhtari Junction and ends near Rustavi Junction. This part of the corridor crosses a densely populated residential area around Tbilisi city, considerable number of mountains, landslides and ravines. The upgrading of the road required traffic capacity expansion into a dual carriageway, including artificial structures-bridges, tunnels, and retaining walls in a difficult topographic and geological conditions.

IRD Engineering performed the following activities:

  • Alternative alignment analysis and feasibility study of the Natakhtari – Rustavi section, including developing alternatives for the section between Natakhtari and Jinvali, the Natakhtari Interchange and the rehabilitation plan for the existing Tbilisi Bypass;
  • Detailed engineering design of Natakhtari – Rustavi and Natakhtari – Jinvali Sections, including the interchange at Natakhtari.
  • Value for Money Analysis and development of an optimal financing strategy.