Supervision of the Civil Works at the Border Crossing Blace – Passenger Terminal2020-01-15T11:39:02+02:00
Supervision of the Rehabilitation of State Roads A1, Section Miladinovci – Kumanovo2020-01-15T11:29:53+02:00
Regional and Local Roads Project – Assistance to the Agency for State Roads in the Implementation of the New Law on Roads2020-01-15T10:49:12+02:00
National Roads Programme – Project Implementation Unit Support2020-01-15T10:41:47+02:00
Consulting Services for the Supervision of the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Local Roads in North Macedonia: Package 1- Western Region, Package 2 – Eastern Region2020-01-15T10:30:34+02:00
Supervision Services for Irrigation Schemes in North Macedonia2020-01-15T09:31:53+02:00
Supervision of the Remaining Link along the Corridor X to the level of Motorway – Section Demir Kapija – Smokvica2020-01-16T02:30:57+02:00
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