Project Details

Ministry of Finance, Central Financing and Contracting Department

North Macedonia

Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Supervision of the Rehabilitation of State Roads A1, Section Miladinovci – Kumanovo

The Overall Objective of this project was the successful improvement of State Road A1, section Miladinovci- Kumanovo.

The scope of the proposed works involved the rehabilitation of about 22.49 km of 2-lane highway with all associated pavement and drainage works necessary for the completion of the project in accordance with the design and specifications, as well as the restoration of 58 structures, among which 31 pipe culverts, 15 box culverts, 6 arch culverts, 5 overpasses and 1 bridge.

IRD Engineering performed the functions of the Engineer according to FIDIC Red Book Conditions of Contract for Construction for Building and Engineering Works Designed by Employer (1999).