A joint venture led by IRD Engineering, and counting on the participation of the partner companies Eptisa Servicios de Ingenieria, Elektra Solutions and Euro Consult, have just signed an important contract with the Public Enterprise for State Roads of North Macedonia and aiming at the implementation of the services “Supervision and Legal Transactions Consultant for Construction Works on Corridor VIII and Corridor X-d”.

The project, of significant national importance, relates to the construction of several strategic motorway sections, which are part of the Pan-European Corridors VIII and Xd, enhancing North Macedonia’s transport connections with neighbouring countries and supporting the economic and social development of the whole region.

The construction of this important infrastructure will be undertaken by a joint venture of the companies Bechtel and Enka.

The overall scheme comprises almost 110 km of dual carriageway motorways organised in four new sections:

  • two sections are in the east of the country, heading south from the capital Skopje and running parallel to the Sharr mountains: Tetovo – Gostivar (17.5 km) and Gostivar – Bukojčani (30.3 km);
  • one section is passing through the UNESCO natural world heritage site around Lake Ohrid: Trebeništa – Struga – Qafasan (21.7 km); and
  • a fourth section is in the South of the country, close to the border with Greece: Bitola – Prilep (39.3 km).

The Pan-European Corridor VIII is an east-west route connecting the Albania’s Adriatic port of Durres to the Bulgaria’s Black Sea port of Varna, via North Macedonia.

The Pan-European Corridor X, on the other hand, runs from Salzburg to Thessaloniki. The corridor passes through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Greece. It has four branches (a, b, c, and d). Branch d corresponds to the road between Veles – Prilep – Bitola – Florina and Igoumenitsa (Via Egnatia).

An official signature ceremony took place on 2nd February in Skopje and counted on the participation of the Prime Minister, Mr. Dimitar Kovačevski, the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Artan Grubi, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Blagoj Bochvarski, and the Deputy Minister Mr. Bekim Redzepi. The contract was signed by the General Director of the Public Enterprise for State Roads, Mr. Eyup Rustemi, and by the Founder and Managing Director of IRD Engineering, Mr. Paolo Orsini, who addressed the audience highlighting the strategic importance of this project.

This is in fact the most important contract ever awarded to IRD Engineering in North Macedonia since its start of operations in the country back in 2003.

The company has all the necessary licences to operate in the domestic civil engineering sector and counts on a permanent team of Engineers, Project Managers and other specialists.

IRD Engineering is currently implementing other strategic contracts in North Macedonia, such as the supervision during the construction of the railway Corridor VIII (sections Kumanovo – Beljakovce and Beljakovce – Kriva Palanka), or the supervision of the construction of Skopje’s wastewater treatment plant, with a design capacity of 650,000 population equivalent.

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