IRD Engineering has recently resulted awarded one lot of the EU’s Framework Contracts for Services for External Aid (SEA 2023), namely Lot 4 (Sustainable Transport, Infrastructures, Green Cities, Connectivity and Sustainable Mobility), as a partner in the consortium led by SUEZ.

The new SEA 2023 follows the outgoing Framework Contracts SIEA 2018 with the same goal to provide short-term expertise for the implementation of External Aid.

This Framework Contract instrument allows to mobilize expertise and services speedily through specific services focused on reducing poverty, ensuring sustainable development and promoting democracy & human rights worldwide. Its overall objective is to provide, via individual assignments defined and contracted through Specific Contracts, expertise which can be mobilised at short notice.

The potential volume of activity under the Lot 4 is € 40 million market value.

The duration of the SEA 2023 is 48 months (starting soon), in which a team of specialists ad-hoc selected from the Consortium companies will provide a wide range of consulting and engineering services in the three following main sectors and related sub-sectors:

  1. Sustainable Transport and Infrastructures

1.1 Roads and engineering structures
1.2 Railways
1.3 Harbours and Inland water infrastructures
1.4 Airports and Air Traffic
1.5 Inter-modal infrastructures
1.6 Transport safety
1.7 Buildings (for education, healthcare, administrative and industrial use)
1.8 Water supply and sanitation networks
1.9 Solid waste disposal and treatment installations
1.10 Engineering and construction conflicts/disputes resolution
1.11 Sustainable mobility

  1. Urban Development and Cities

2.1 Green and Smart cities
2.2 Social housing and slum upgrading
2.3 Urban mobility and integrated urban planning
2.4 Urban infrastructure and services
2.5 Climate-resilient and sustainable urban environments

  1. Rural Infrastructure

3.1 Rural infrastructure planning, development and rehabilitation (Market infrastructure, irrigation and drainage, etc.)

If you are a specialist in any of the above sectors and are interested in working with us, please send us your CV to

If at any time you have any questions or want to give us your feedback, please e-mail us at