Design and Studies for Betterment of Road on SEETO Route 2a, Section Banja Luka – Ugar (IEBL) – Lasva (Lots 1 and 2)2020-11-28T14:45:03+02:00
Main Roads Reconstruction Project – Supervision of the Works on Reconstruction of Main Roads M2 Rozaje – Spiljani, M18 Podgorica – Danilovgrad and M2 Tivat – Budva (Jaz)2020-01-15T23:29:57+02:00
Moldovan Railways Restructuring Project: Assistance in Procurement and Implementation of the Project2020-01-15T23:00:43+02:00
Construction Supervision of 2 Civil Works Contracts for the Rehabilitation of Road M2 Chisinau – Soroca Km 71+194 – Km 116+0002020-01-15T22:52:46+02:00
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