IRD Engineering has been awarded a tender announced by A.R.S.T. S.p.A. – Regional Transport of Sardinia, as part of the national plan of complementary investments to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), for the preparation of the definitive – executive planning, supplies and works necessary for the realization of the “Railway Connection Alghero Center – Alghero Airport” that includes the construction of an hydrogen production plant.

The project considers a series of interventions by ANAS aimed at completing the high-speed rail network in the north-west quadrant of Sardinia. The intervention consists of the connecting link between the current SS291 “Della Nurra” and the SP42, which leads to the Alghero Fertilia – “Riviera del Corallo” airport.

The project concerns the construction of the new Alghero Centro – Alghero Airport railway connection, carried out by traction units (UdT) with electric traction powered by hydrogen, which branches off from the existing line in operation Sassari-Alghero, near the Mamuntanas station, and the construction of a new depot for the maintenance of the new trains, located in an area immediately south-east of the Mamuntanas station.

The Alghero Center – Alghero Airport railway connection triggers benefits for the area at different scales, from the local to the provincial level. In fact, the strengthening of infrastructure connections to support entrepreneurial activities and tourist mobility results in a mitigation of the environmental load of the road infrastructures on which traffic is currently directed, an improvement in air quality and a reduction in environmental noise. Furthermore, the introduction of a modern and resilient structure reduces CO2 emissions thanks to the supply of hydrogen trains for a totally decarbonized transport service, meeting the European Carbon Neutrality objectives.

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