Representatives of the Romanian National Road Infrastructure Company – C.N.A.I.R. S.A. and the Managing Director and Founder of IRD Engineering, Mr. Paolo Orsini, have recently signed a new contract for the provision of engineering services during the construction of Lot 2 of the Sibiu – Pitești section of the A1 Motorway.

The A1 motorway (also known as Autostrada A1) is a partially built motorway in Romania, planned to connect Bucharest with the Banat and Crișana regions in the western part of the country. When completed, it will be 576 kilometers long and it will span the country south-east to north-west. The motorway starts in the western part of Bucharest and connects Pitești, Sibiu, Deva, Timișoara, Arad, reaching the Hungary’s M43 motorway near Nădlac.

The Sibiu-Pitești section will be 122 km in length. Divided into 5 sections, this highway will connect Central and Western Romania with the European highway network, being an important part of the Pan-European Corridor 4.

The awarded sub-section (Lot 2), connecting the towns of Boita and Cornetu, has a length of 31.33 kilometers, including 49 bridges and viaducts, 7 tunnels with lengths ranging from 250 meters to 1,590 meters, and one ecoduct. Completion time is 88 months for the design and execution and 124 months for defects notification.

IRD Engineering operates in Romania through a branch office in Bucharest. Our teams in the country are currently working in four other important projects: the Autostrada A3, which connects Bucharest with Transylvania and the north-western region, the Lot 2 of the Lugoj – Deva Motorway (Autostrada A1), which is the only missing part to complete the highway between Sibiu and the border with Hungary, and also in two sections of the Buzău – Focșani Motorway (Autostrada A7).

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