The definition of the future financing needs for the maintenance and rehabilitation of the national road network plays a critical role in the development of a sustainable investment program for road asset management in the Republic of Uzbekistan. This is one of the main objectives of the «Regional Roads Development Project», funded by the World Bank and aiming at strengthening the capacity of “Avtoyo’linvest” Agency under the Committee for Roads.

In this context, IRD Engineering, together with Applus+ and Kibera Technology, are providing technical and institutional services for the improvement of road management practices in Uzbekistan.

As part of a parallel supply tender, Dynatest have recently delivered high-tech pavement testing equipment, which is able to automatically measure the conditions and the structural and functional aspects of the pavement network, namely:

  • Falling Weight Deflectometer for the evaluation of the road pavement bearing capacity. By using this equipment, it is possible to appraise the pavement strength, forecast pavement residual life before failure, and optimize rehabilitation design;
  • Ground Penetrating Radar for the evaluation of the pavement layer thickness. By using this equipment, it is possible to evaluate the pavement structure without coring and drilling operations;
  • Multi-Functional Vehicle for the pavement surface evaluation. By using this equipment, it is possible to run a 3D scan of the road surface and to identify and classify cracks;
  • Friction Tester. By using this equipment, it is possible to evaluate pavement friction in wet conditions.

A training programme on how to operate this equipment is currently ongoing, under the co-ordination of staff from IRD Engineering and the manufacturer, which will also organise a survey programme for certain portions of the road network.

After the acquisition and data processing, all information will be inserted in a National Road Asset Database and Software.

The technical assessment of the actual conditions of road pavements in Uzbekistan together with the subsequent economic and financial analyses will facilitate the preparation of a medium to long term national financial strategy for road maintenance in the country.

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