Representatives from IRD Engineering have recently signed a new contract with the Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia for the implementation of the project “Supervision of Construction Works for Sagarejo – Badiauri Section of Tbilisi – Bakurtsikhe – Lagodekhi International Road”, which is funded by the World Bank.

The Sagarejo – Badiauri road is located in the Kakheti region, being part of the Tbilisi – Bakurtsike – Lagodekhi (Border of Azerbaijan) international road, also known as the “Kakheti Highway”.

The project aims at increasing freight traffic in Kakheti and at making the distance between the region and the country capital Tbilisi shorter and safer. Kakheti is in fact a major agricultural production centre and the most important wine-producing and exporting region, with significant tourism attraction and growth potential.

The assignment relates to the provision of supervision services during the construction of this flexible pavement four-laned 17 kilometres-long section, which has a design speed of 120 km/h.

The design includes one grade-separated interchange, 4 bridges, including 2 highway bridges and 2 overpass bridges, and 94 box culverts. The highway, structures, and all access roads will be built to climate resilient international standards.

Thanks to this new contract, for the next 56 months (2 months for design review, 30 months of construction supervision and 24 months of defect notification period), a team of engineers and other specialists from IRD Engineering will carry out the duties of “The Engineer” according to FIDIC Conditions of Contract Red Book, Second Edition 2017, including the management of any variations and claims occurring during the implementation.

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