Design and Studies for Betterment of Road on SEETO Route 2a, Section Banja Luka – Ugar (IEBL) – Lasva (Lots 1 and 2)2020-11-28T14:45:03+02:00
Blast Vulnerability Assessment and Design of the Retrofit of an International Organization’s Premises in Algeria2020-01-15T23:24:52+02:00
Design and Bidding Documents for Road Safety Improvements Following EuroRAP Recommendations of Sections of M12 Road2020-01-15T16:41:06+02:00
Preparation of Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for the E-60 Highway Section from Natakhtari to Rustavi (Tbilisi Bypass)2020-01-15T15:47:37+02:00
Preparation of Detailed Design, Bidding Documents, EIA and Detailed LARP for the Construction of the Khevi – Ubisa – Shorapani – Argveta Section (E60 Highway Route)2020-01-16T02:35:23+02:00
North – South Road Corridor Investment Program: Preparation of Detailed Design, Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan from Qajaran to Agarak and Implementation of Author Supervision from Agarak to Tunnel Exit (Tranche 4)2020-01-15T15:38:54+02:00
North – South Corridor Investment Program: Construction Supervision of Tranche 3 (Talin – Lanjik Road Section) and Feasibility Study, Preliminary Design and Detailed Design of Tranche 42020-01-15T15:34:03+02:00
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