Design and Studies for Betterment of Road on SEETO Route 2a, Section Banja Luka – Ugar (IEBL) – Lasva (Lots 1 and 2)2020-11-28T14:45:03+02:00
Preparation of Preliminary Studies and Designs for Improvement of the Road on SEETO Route 2a: Lasva – Jajce – Ugar (IEBL) – Banja Luka – Banja Luka Bypass2020-01-15T00:25:15+02:00
Supervision of Detailed Design and Construction Works on Banja Luka – Doboj Motorway (Prnjavor – Doboj Section)2020-01-16T02:26:59+02:00
Supervision Services for Construction of Motorway on Corridor Vc, Section Tarčin – Konjic, Subsection Tarčin – Ivan (LOT2: Tunnel Ivan)2020-11-10T14:03:05+02:00
Consulting Services for Supervision of Works for the Motorway on Corridor Vc, Section Pocitelj – Bijaca, Subsection Pocitelj – Zvirovici2020-11-10T13:32:26+02:00
Technical Assistance to Railway Authorities in Harmonizing Regulations for the Maintenance of Railway Infrastructure and Rolling Stock with the EU Directives2020-01-14T23:59:07+02:00
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