After the successful kick-off of the “AtoNs” (Aids to Navigation) project, which will contribute to the enhancement of the river navigation safety in the Republic of Serbia, IRD Engineering have recently signed a new contract aimed at the improvement of mooring infrastructure alongside the Danube and Sava Rivers.

This contract is part of the Project “Preparing FAIRway 2 works in the Rhine-Danube Corridor”, funded by the European Union under the “Connecting Europe Facility Programme” and, more in particular, of its “Assessment, Requirement Analysis and Documentation for Mooring Places” sub-activity, which aims at the harmonized development of mooring infrastructure along the Danube River. The Contracting Authority and project promoter is the Ministry of Construction, Infrastructure and Transport of the Republic of Serbia.

There is currently an acute lack of proper mooring sites on the Danube River and its navigable tributaries. The related legal framework also needs to be updated in this respect. Thus, the implementation of this project will contribute to the creation of a more competitive fluvial transport system in Serbia, in accordance with its national policy and strategic provisions, and fully in line with the EU transport system development plans, so to ensure a fast, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly river transportation, smooth flow of freight, and people mobility.

As part of the project, IRD Engineering will perform an assessment of the existing mooring infrastructure, will analyze user requirements and needs, will conduct a gap assessment, and will develop good-practice concepts on mooring sites, in order to lay the foundations for future intervention. Everything will be summed-up in the final report, which will identify for further analysis potential locations for the construction and upgrading of public mooring sites along the country.

IRD Engineering is currently implementing other important contracts in the Republic of Serbia, such as the supervision of works for the country-wide Road Rehabilitation and Safety Programme, the supervision of works in the E-80 highway from Niš to Pločnik, also known as the Peace Highway, and the supervision of works for the construction of the wastewater treatment plant and sewerage systems in the city of Niš.

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