The 20th International Symposium of the Association of Structural Engineers of North Macedonia (MASE) was held last week in Skopje with a special focus on ‘Resilient Structures’, seismic design and the challenges it presents for the future. The Symposium, which was sponsored by IRD Engineering, also shone a spotlight on the critical issue of climate change and its profound effects on structural design, including discussions on the robustness, adaptability, sustainability, durability, maintainability, and the reliability of structures.

During this prestigious event, Mr. Darko Spiroski, Country Manager of IRD Engineering in North Macedonia, received a Certificate of Appreciation from Prof. Darko Nakov, President of MASE.

Being part of this event was both a privilege and an honor, as it brought together 600 participants from 30 different countries across the globe and was enthusiastically supported by more than 50 institutions and companies. Moreover, the Symposium held special significance as it coincided with the 60th anniversary of the Skopje earthquake  – a critical moment in the history of North Macedonia and a wakeup call for the structural engineering community. It also marked the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Skopje.

We are very proud to be present in North Macedonia for over two decades and to having been involved in over fifty important consulting and engineering assignments in the country. Currently, our firm operates through a branch office staffed with very qualified permanent engineers and specialists in different disciplines, having all the necessary licences to work in the local civil engineering sector.

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