With a height of over 100 meters, Počitelj bridge is one of the highest bridges in Southeast Europe and now, after almost 4 years of intense work, the final connection of the span construction in fields 6 and 7 is finally finished.

Počitelj bridge is designed as a continuous prestressed girder bridge with a main span of 147 meters, variable box cross-section and a unique construction for both carriageways, and columns monolithically connected to the span construction, which is carried out by free cantilever construction.

The total amount of material used during its construction is 38,000 cubic meters of concrete, 9,000 tons of reinforcement and 1,500 tons of prestressing cables, while 20,000 meters of asphalt and waterproofing will be installed in the upcoming period. The value of its construction is 28.2 million Euro.

Works have been undertaken by a consortium consisting of Azvir, Sinohydro, Power China and Hering. The design was performed by IPSA Institute and the supervision of all works is being managed by IRD Engineering with PPG d.o.o. Sarajevo.

“The connection of Počitelj Bridge is just the beginning of a more dynamic period in front of us, in which we will strive to accelerate the construction of highways in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The completion of all works on the Počitelj-Zvirovići section and the kick-off of the construction of Tunnel Prenj, the Mostar North-Mostar South section, and the Kvanj-Buna Tunnel, which we plan to procure and contract this year, open up many new opportunities for the construction industry, raising the overall economic appeal of this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, declared Mr. Denis Lasić, Acting General Director of JP Autoceste.

From IRD Engineering we would like to congratulate and thank our staff and all the different involved parties for the excellent work in the realization of this important project.

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