The opening to traffic after the reconstruction and improvement of the M1 Talin-Gyumri Road from km 71+500 to km 90+200 (Talin – Lanjik section) took place some weeks ago and the first vehicles started using this new road section, part of the North-South Road Corridor, a project that is being financed by the Asian Development Bank.

The construction of this highly important and strategic road ensures a safer and faster transit from the Southern border of Armenia to the Georgian border and up to Black Sea ports, facilitating the economic development of all regions in the area.

The length of the recently inaugurated road section is 18.7 km with a design speed of 100 km/h, asphalt-concrete pavement, 2 carriageways 10.75m wide with 2 lanes, 2 interchanges and 49 other structures (including 8 overpasses/underpasses/bridges and 41 culverts).

IRD Engineering took the function of the Engineer in accordance with FIDIC-MDB Harmonised Edition Conditions of Contract.

IRD Engineering is present in the Republic of Armenia since 2015, where it operates through a branch office staffed with civil engineers, project managers, and other qualified professionals.

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