Last 29th December the Workshop “Prospects of the Road Construction Industry in Armenia” took place in Yerevan, under the auspices of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures (MTAI) and the Road Department Fund.

The event gathered representatives of the main players in this important industry for the national economy: national authorities, international organisations and development banks, local and international contractors, consulting and engineering firms, importers and distributors of equipment and supplies, as well as Universities and research institutions.

Mr. Gnel Sanosyan, Minister of the MTAI, opened the event by offering a summary of the main road infrastructure projects implemented in 2022 and also defined the upcoming national priorities and goals.

Mrs. Kristine Ghalechyan, Deputy Minister of the MTAI, presented the current state of affairs and development prospects in the road construction industry, while Mr. Gor Avetisyan, Executive Director of the Road Department Fund, explained what had been the main achievements in the road construction industry in 2022.

Mr. Yeghiazar Vardanyan, Rector of the National University of Architecture and Construction, presented the development prospects of education in the field, highlighting the role of the Civil Engineering Summer School, which has been organized and held thanks to the combined efforts of the MTAI, the University and IRD Engineering, already for two consecutive years.

At the closure of the event, Mr. Gnel Sanosyan, Minister of the MTAI, granted a Certificate of Appreciation to IRD Engineering representatives, Mr. Fabio Buonomo and Mr. Tigran Mesropyan, for the contribution of the company to the road construction industry in the country.

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