IRD Engineering has recently signed a contract with “Avtoyo’linvest” Agency under the Committee for Roads of the Republic of Uzbekistan and aiming at the preparation of road safety audit reports and at the definition of road safety engineering measures that could save lives and reduce accidents on approximately 618 kilometers of priority regional roads in Tashkent, Ferghana, Andijan and Namangan.

The assignment is financed by the World Bank within the Loan Agreement «Regional Roads Development Project», which envisages undertaking priority road sector institutional strengthening activities, among others.

In the next months, a team of local and international Road Safety Auditors will perform road safety inspections for each of the project sections, identifying general and specific road safety risks to be taken into account when defining improvement measures and in the development of the detailed designs.

Road safety audits will then be conducted for each of the project sections after submission of the detailed design. These will serve as a basis for additional recommendations on alternative design solutions, to be taken into account during the finalization of the detailed/preliminary designs to improve all road safety features.

Last but not least, a training of trainers program covering road safety audits and other road safety engineering topics will be defined and conducted by the nominated team.

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