It was back in 2016 when IRD Engineering kicked off the project “Monitoring and Supervision Output and Performance Based Road Maintenance Contracts” in Albania, a contract co-financed by the World Bank and the Government of Albania, and managed by the Albanian Road Authority.

The program was designed to address the maintenance needs of high-traffic sections of the National Road Network, which are being carried out by rolling out 5-year performance-based maintenance contracts.

The project included four maintenance contracts for a total 1,240 km of roads and a combined investment value of 77.5 million Euro. Here, a team of local and international specialists from IRD Engineering performed all the duties of the Monitoring Consultant (technical, contractual and financial duties, including all claims evaluations and recommendations), for all the aspects related to:

(i) Rehabilitation works;

(ii) Improvement works;

(iii) Routine maintenance;

(iv) Periodic maintenance;

(v) Winter maintenance;

(vi) Emergency works;

(vii) Road safety audits (IRAP).

Four Contract Amendments, including a complete revision of the Technical Specifications have been made during the project. One consequence of the amendments was the introduction of rehabilitation works through specific change orders based on designs prepared by the Contractors.

This way, IRD Engineering contributed to the revision of World Bank’s Standard Procurement Document (especially a revision of the General Conditions of Contract) and the Sample Technical Specifications for Output and Performance Based Road Maintenance Contracts, as published by the Bank in January 2021.

Now, the project is reaching its final stages and we did not want to miss the opportunity to thank the Albanian Road Authority for the trust and for the good collaboration, our team for all efforts and commitment, our partners for all support and assistance, and in general to Albania for being such a nice place to live and work.

IRD Engineering counts on a dedicated team of specialists for the provision of Technical Assistance and Capacity Building services to build, improve and maximize capacities in infrastructure planning, procurement, development, operation, and maintenance, by the expansion and strengthening of skills, resources, institutions and legal frameworks. We endeavour to maximize the transfer of knowledge in each of the assignments we are undertaking, so to achieve broad-based and long-lasting economic and social benefits.

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