Autostrade per l’Italia (ASPI) is one of the biggest European concessionaires for the construction and management of toll motorways, with circa 3,000 km of managed network in Italy. Its 2020 Business Plan envisages the delivery of €14.5 billion in capital expenditure and €7 billion in maintenance activities by 2038, to be distributed throughout the main Italian regions served by the network. This volume of investment, carried out on the basis of a thorough in-depth assessment, will result in a totally modernised motorway network and will also generate around 10,000 new jobs throughout the Italian economy.

Within this ambitious investment program, a Joint Venture led by IRD Engineering and with the participation of the partner companies ENGEKO and GPINGEGNERIA srl, have recently signed two Lots of the ASPI-promoted “Works Supervision and Safety Coordination Services Framework Contract within the New Investments and the Evolutionary Maintenance Plans”.

The first one, Lot 4 of the “New Investments Plan”, corresponds to the territorial direction of Milano, Bologna, Florence and Udine. The estimated value of the works is €307 million and the value of the Engineering Services is €9.8 million.

The second Framework Contract corresponds to Lot 5 of the “Evolutionary Maintenance Plan”, in the territorial direction of Rome, Cassino, Pescara and Bari. In this case, the estimated value of the works is €298 million and the value of the Engineering Services is €7.4 million.

These new assignments will have a duration of 48 months in which the partner companies will perform a wide-range of engineering and safety coordination services, including site inspections, environmental compliance controls, quality control of materials, management of authorizations, permits, clearance, and any necessary acts for the legitimate performance of the works, resolution of possible disputes, project management processes, and overall health and safety supervision during the execution phases.

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