As part of its road network development plan, the Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia intend to build new sections of the Tbilisi – Bakurtsike – Lagodekhi (Border of Azerbaijan) international road. Namely the three following sections totalling 35.5 kilometres:

1)   Tbilisi – Vaziani section;

2)   Vaziani – Sagarejo section;

3)   Sagarejo Bypass.

This road is located in the Kakheti region, one of the main historical, economic and cultural areas in Georgia, being part of the main transport corridor to the north-western region of Azerbaijan.

The new road will have two lanes per direction, includes 4 interchanges and 41 bridges and will be constructed using cement-concrete pavement.

In order to ensure a high-quality construction and that all works are carried out in full compliance with the engineering design and technical specifications described in the civil works contracts, an international tender was launched to select an engineering company that will review all designs and will supervise all works. IRD Engineering resulted the most economically advantageous bidder and has recently signed the contract.

For the next 56 months (2 months for design review, 30 months of construction supervision and 24 months of defect notification period), a team of engineers and other specialists from IRD Engineering will carry out the duties of “The Engineer” according to FIDIC Conditions of Contract Red Book, Second Edition 2017, including the management of any variations and claims occurring during the implementation.

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