Canton Sarajevo, and more in particular its Ministry of Transport, is currently implementing a very ambitious plan, named the Sarajevo Urban Roads Project, to upgrade and modernise its strategic road network by enhancing the urban transport within the city of Sarajevo and by connecting it to other parts of the Canton.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, is supporting this strategic infrastructure programme, which consists of the construction of the “Tunnel Kobilja Glava“, together with the section from the tunnel to the connection to M18, and the connection road between IX Transversal and LOT 2C of the Sarajevo Bypass.

In this context, a JV composed by IRD Engineering and its partner company PPG Doo Sarajevo have recently signed a new contract for the provision of supervision services related to two works contracts: the construction of “Tunnel Kobilja Glava“, with section from the tunnel to connection to M18; and the construction of the connection of IX transversal with Safet Zajko and Smail Šikalo streets, including the reconstruction of Safet Zajko street.

The role of the Joint Venture will be to perform the function of Supervision in accordance with the laws of the Canton Sarajevo and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the function of the Engineer in accordance with FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction for Building and Engineering Works designed by the Employer.

IRD Engineering operates a branch office in Sarajevo and has all the necessary licences to work in the road and railway engineering sectors. Nowadays, the company is implementing nine important contracts in the country, mainly in the field of road design and road supervision, but also in water and sanitation

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