The development of the main arterial road network represents a major strategic priority for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within this investment program, one of the main interventions relates to the Route from Banja Luka to Lasva since it will connect the Middle Bosnia Canton with Banja Luka and with the Pan-European Road Corridor Vc.

Aware of this importance, the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina launched an international tender for the preparation of all preliminary and main designs, including all required geotechnical and geodetic surveys, environment impact assessments, feasibility studies, road safety audits, and the tender dossiers for all works for the betterment interventions along this 166 kilometres-long section.

Finally, last 19th October 2021 the presentation of the Preliminary Design for Subsections 5 to 10 (Ugar – inter Entity boundary to Lasva) was held at the premises of the Public Enterprise Roads of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, counting on the participation of representatives from the Delegation of the European Union, the state-level Ministry of Communication and Transport, and the Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The designs and studies have been prepared in spite of the pandemic, which has severely affected the communication with local communities, in a very challenging and complex social, geological and morphological area.

The proposed betterment interventions mainly refer to:

  1. Carriageway widening, reconstruction and construction of critical parts of the road alignment, and improvement of inadequate of horizontal geometry elements;
  2. Pavement reconstruction and rehabilitation;
  3. Remediation of dangerous elements and “black spots”;
  4. Reconstruction of intersections;
  5. Construction of crawling lanes on high gradients;
  6. Rehabilitation of parts of the route passing through places with unfavourable geomechanics and prone to landslides; and
  7. Construction of large road structures, like bridges, tunnels and culverts.

From IRD Engineering we would like to thank and to congratulate all the involved parties: our teams in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Rome, our partners Eptisa and Integra, Roads of FB&H, and the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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* This project is funded by the European Union.