Please tell us about yourself

Not an easy question but let me start this way: I was born and raised in Skopje where I graduated in Italian language and literature. I am a mother, wife and part of the IRD family. Really passionate about good food, fan of Italian cousin and culture, book and movie lover, thinker outside the box, not afraid of failure as I am constantly motivated by the final goal. I like running and exercising, pushing the boundaries. I enjoy being around people, I see myself as a team player. I believe in the good in people.

When did you join IRD?

It’s almost 9 years since I became part of the IRD team in Branch office Skopje. Just from the very beginning I immediately found my place of belonging in an international company with a friendly working environment. Since then, I am growing up together with IRD and I consider myself very fortunate to work in a company that is constantly developing and improving. A company that makes me really proud to associate with. Looking forward, I see myself as a part of even more successful IRD.

What is the nature of your work?

 At the start of my journey with IRD I was involved in different branch activities related to administration and project assistance, but mainly, I was responsible for the preparation of local proposals. In the last couple of years, as I became part of our business development team I started focusing and gaining more expertise in the preparation of the international opportunities as well. My job often requires a lot of multitasking and this is why I like it and enjoy it. It never gets boring, for sure. I find myself always inspired to face new challenges. I firmly believe that goals can be achieved by paying attention to small details, taking step by step, setting high standards and follow them.

What are the biggest challenges you typically have to face in your work?

Meeting tight deadlines is definitely one of the biggest challenges. Sometimes the 24-hour day seems not enough to finalize all prioritized activities. Of course, after a successful end of story, all the difficulties faced during the process are instantly forgotten. Additional challenge are the Clients’ individual expectations and requirements. Since IRD enjoys great reputation in North Macedonia we put a considerable effort in constantly keeping relations to make sure we meet Clients’ needs. And, of course, not to forget to mention the latest challenge I was facing, as many other people, when I found myself in a homeworking environment, having my kids running around while attending online meetings.

What are the most positive aspects of being part of IRD?

To me IRD is a company that inspires employees to use their full potential. I really appreciate our organizational culture which promotes open and honest communication as well as cooperation and unreserved support. In achieving our company goals, I feel valued as a part of the IRD family, sharing the same vision and dedication to the mission. And this is why the achievements of the Branch would not have been possible without the huge support of our team from Skopje and Rome office, to whom I am very thankful.

How do you think IRD has contributed to the wellbeing of the citizens of N. Macedonia?

Since the establishment of the Branch Skopje in 2009, IRD has been engaged in many infrastructure projects in North Macedonia. By providing high quality services in line with environmental and safety standards as well as best international practices, our projects have been completed successfully and have positively affected the satisfaction of the people in my country, contributing to an economic growth, better accessibility and improved quality of life.
A recent example is the newly constructed motorway Demir Kapija – Smokvica on Corridor X which nowadays provides reduction in time of journey and more comfortable and safer trips. It also offers better accessibility and connectivity of North Macedonia with the rest of Europe.

Why in your opinion N. Macedonia is worth a visit?

Might not be the world’s top travelers’ destination, but N. Macedonia is said to be the hidden pearl in the center of the Balkans. Though small in size, it is a blend of ancient cities, splendid churches and mountain monasteries, natural lakes and national parks, rich local culture, traditional cousin and delicious wine. If you are curious about the ultimate city of contrasts – Skopje, the UNESCO listed oldest and deepest lake in the Balkans – Ohrid, one of the deepest underwater caves in the world – Vrelo or about one of the most magnificent canyons – Matka, then N. Macedonia is definitely the place to visit.