Representatives of IRD Engineering, as the leader of a Joint Venture with the partner company TEC Group, have just signed a new contract with Minskavtodor-Centre, the national authority in charge of road construction and maintenance in Belarus, aiming at the provision of project implementation advisory services within the EBRD-funded loan Regional Bridges and M3 Road Rehabilitation Project. It is a 259 million Euro credit for the reconstruction and modernisation of 12 regional bridges, which are in urgent need of repair, and for the rehabilitation and renewal of the roads M3 Minks – Pleschenitsi and R-46 Lepel – Polotsk, including the Polotsk bypass.

Thanks to this new contract, and for the next 41 months, a team of international and national specialists from the partner companies will take the role of Project Implementation Supervision and Advisory Consultant, facilitating the timely and effective implementation of the project and overseeing the work of the Engineer (RUE “Beldorcenter) to ensure impartiality and compliance with all FIDIC Conditions of Contract.

The team will also oversee all procurement activities and will assist Minskavtodor-Centre to ensure that all procurement is carried out in line with EBRD Procurement Policies and Rules. Last but not least, another objective of the assignment is to train the personnel of both the Client and the Engineer in the execution of FIDIC contracts, a field where IRD Engineering possess abundant international experience.

We would like to thank Minskavtodor-Centre for the opportunity and look forward to starting our activities in the country.

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