It was in 2017 when IRD Engineering started providing services as the Technical Expert for the construction of the Start-up Complex No. 3 of the Central Ring Road in Moscow. This section goes from the intersection with the M-11 Moscow-St Petersburg express highway, to the intersection with the M-7 highway.

It is a 105 km-long road, category type IA, with four lanes. Its design speed is 140 km/h and the project comprises the construction of 9 traffic interchanges and 72 bridges, including one 1.4 km-long over the Moscow Canal.

Now this section was opened to traffic and the event got wide media coverage, as it can be seen in the video illustrating this release.

Thanks to this new section, travel time from the northeast to the southeast of Moscow will be considerably reduced and other urban roads will be unloaded from transit vehicles. The estimated average traffic intensity on this section will be around fifty thousand cars per day. The installed smart free flow payment system automatically recognizes the license plates and will debit the tolls from the driver’s personal account.

Currently IRD Engineering is also Technical Expert at the Start-up Complex No. 4, a 97 km-long section part of the very same Central Ring Road.

We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate our staff in the Russian Federation for the excellent work.

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