The Government of Mongolia has received a loan from #EBRD to finance the expansion of the existing 204.5 km road from the capital city Ulan Bator to the city of Darkhan. This is one of the country’s busiest roads, located on the corridor China – Mongolia – Russia. Currently, the 2 lane road is in a dire state, with at least nine sections characterized by frequent car accidents.

At this moment, and thanks to a loan from #ADB, the existing road is being rehabilitated. Now, within this new project, a parallel two-lane road will be constructed.

In this context, a JV led by IRD Engineering and participated by ICT, has recently signed a contract with the Ministry of Road and Transport Development of Mongolia to conduct supervision services in accordance with #FIDIC Conditions of Contract (Red Book), the existing tender documentation, as well as with the relevant local legislation on construction.

The project will be divided in 5 lots, comprising the construction of a new 2-lane road, including roundabouts, U-turns and stopping areas; the provision of road furniture; the construction of crossings over eight railways; the construction and rehabilitation of bridges and culverts; and the rehabilitation of toll booths.

This is the first contract for #IRDEngineering in #Mongolia and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity.

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