Project Details

The Ministry of Finance of Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Practice Area:
Water and Municipal Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Water and Sanitation Project in Republika Srpska – Supervision Services

The State of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the Republic of Srpska, suffers from serious threats to public health and to the environment from inadequate water supply and wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure. In order to address this issue, a Loan Agreement was signed with the European Investment Bank.

The overall project objective is the improvement of the living conditions of the existing population and the protection of public health and the environment from water pollution through a balanced development of water supply and sanitation infrastructure as well as safeguarding the financial and operational viability of the water companies in twenty municipalities. All the measures are provided in accordance with the commitments in the accession to EU and in compliance with the EU legislation.

The total investment for the Project is estimated at 100 million EUR:

  • EIB borrowing – 50 M€
  • RS co-financing – 15 M€
  • Bilateral funding – 15 M€
  • IPA EU funding – 20 M€

The services cover the whole project cycle during the construction of a wide range of water, sewerage and wastewater infrastructure in a group of municipalities:

  • Pre-construction phase;
  • Construction phase;
  • Post-construction phase.

The Team of IRD Engineering performs the duties and authority of the Engineer (FIDIC Conditions of Contract, Red and Yellow Books): carrying out on-site supervision, co-ordination and administration of contracts, in order to ensure compliance of the works and supply with the objectives, designs, time schedules, cost, quality, testing, environmental, safety, and all other requirements of the contracts.

The services also include the approval of the contractors’ design for the design and build contracts (mainly for the water and wastewater treatment works), issuing variations, and reporting and assessing claims from the contractors.