Project Details

Addis-Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA)


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Master Planning and Feasibility Studies

Strategic Transport Master Plan for the Capital City of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia

The project, funded by World Bank, is part of the Transport Systems Improvement Project (TRANSIP) implemented by ACCRA – Addis Ababa City Roads Authority – and aims to assess existing and future transport conditions, set transport goals for the city, review transport network and land use from the AACMP (Addis Ababa City Master Plan) and identify the necessary policy and infrastructure interventions.

This study addresses all sub-sectors of Addis Ababa’s transportation system, including transport governance, road development and public transport. It investigates the integration of different modes of transport in order to identify and implement a strategic infrastructure plan for developing countries.

IRD Engineering participated in the following activities:

  • Review of existing policies, regulations, institution, data, and other pertinent documents to identify policy and analytical gaps, and data collection needs;
  • Preparation of data requirement, develop collection methodology and conduct data collection;
  • Analyses of existing transport conditions including, but not limited to, mode share, travel demand and performance of existing transport infrastructure and services for all applicable modes;
  • Analysis of funding channels and available budgets for urban transportation projects, with focus on public transport projects;
  • Elaboration and assessment of transport plan scenarios with focus on public transport;
  • Preparation of financial assessments and implementation strategies for specific interventions;
  • Assessment of institutional capabilities and support needed for the successful implementation of SCTDP, especially in terms of budget;
  • Preparation of a prioritization methodology and prioritized ranking of interventions for each phase (2020-2025 and 2026-2030);
  • Assistance for the elaboration of monitoring mechanism and easy performance indicators to assess the implementation of selected projects;
  • Support of SCTDP implementation & strengthening of institutional capabilities.