The 5th Serbian Road Congress, which is taking place in Belgrade on 30th and 31st May 2024, is the most important professional event in the road sector in Serbia, and one of the most significant sectoral conferences in the whole region.

The main topics of the current edition, co-organized by the Public Enterprise Roads of Serbia, and in which IRD Engineering is a sponsor, are the new technologies in the planning and design of roads, the latest trends in the management, construction and maintenance of roads and structures and in the efficiency and safety of road traffic, ITS and new technologies in transport, and the integration of sustainable development and environmental protection issues in the road sector.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Mihajlo Mišić, opened the Congress and greeted all participants, stating that fifteen highway routes are currently being constructed in the Republic of Serbia.

“Projects for Kraljevo – Novi Pazar, Požega – Kotroman, the extension of the Danube Corridor to Brza Palanka, and the design of Sector C of the Belgrade Bypass are being implemented. We also plan to open 46 km of the Moravian Corridor by the end of the year, to complete the expressway Šabac – Loznica, Sremska Rača – Kuzmin, and then the section from Pakovraće to Požega. Therefore currently, 642 km of highways are being built in Serbia, which is an impressive result,” declared Mr. Mišić.

IRD Engineering is present in the Republic of Serbia since 2004. In the last 20 years the company has participated in very important projects in different spheres of the infrastructure sector: roads and railways, water and sanitation facilities, public buildings and social infrastructures, just to name a few. Nowadays the company is leading the supervising of the construction of the nation-wide Road Rehabilitation and Safety Programme, the supervision of works of the wastewater treatment plant and sewerage systems in the city of Nis, and is also supporting Roads of Serbia in the further development of its Road Asset Management System and in the use of Performance-Based Road Maintenance Contracts.

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