Back in 2020, IRD Engineering, as the Lead Partner of an association with Applus and Kibera Technology, signed contract with the Republican Road Fund of Uzbekistan. The assignment is financed by the World Bank within the Loan Agreement «Regional Roads Development Project», which envisages undertaking priority road sector institutional strengthening activities, among others.

For the last 2 years, a multidisciplinary team of local and international specialists from the partner companies have been providing technical assistance to the Republican Road Fund under the State Committee for Automobile Roads, the main Beneficiary, including the preparation of a sustainable program for regional road asset management, the modernisation of road surveys technology and management tools, and the implementation of an overall training and capacity development package in road safety management and maintenance activities.

This week a new capacity buioding activity took place in Tashkent, counting on the participation of representatives from the main public institutions in the field of road infrastructure: the Committee for Automobile Roads under the Ministry of Transport, the Republican Road Fund, the Territorial Administration of Highways in Andijan, Fergana, and Tashkent regions, the Unitary Enterprise «Automobile Roads Research Institute», and the State Design Enterprise “Uzyulloyiha”.

The main objective of this seminar, which received wide media coverage, was to create a new opportunity for Uzbek engineers and specialists to expand their knowledge and experience in undertaking Road Safety Audits, by analysing best international practice and case studies in the road safety engineering field.

A certificate award ceremony is closing this event, which was successfully organised and conducted by Dr. Valentina Di Maria (Project Director) and by Mr. Mircea Iosif (Road Safety Auditor).

IRD Engineering is present in the Republic of Uzbekistan with two ongoing contracts both in the field of road infrastructure.If at any time you have any questions or want to give us your feedback, please e-mail us at .