Harnessing the power of words enables a two-way communication, defining new realities and shaping perceptions, hence establishing a solid foundation for collaboration between various stakeholders and paving the way for individual and organizational success. This is of utmost importance in all projects where I was involved while being a member of IRD Engineering family.

Margo, please tell us about yourself:

My name is Margo Gabelaia and I am a Project Manager at IRD Engineering branch in Georgia. With the skills and knowledge obtained through past experiences, I enjoy contributing to IRD’s development and strategy in my country.

Currently, I am close to complete my second Master’s Degree in Energy Management and Sustainable Development from Ilia State University in Tbilisi. Learning is key to success and therefore, I continue investing on it.

When did you join IRD?

My relationship with IRD Engineering started in October 2018. The initial project was very interesting and soon after I made a move to become a permanent member of IRD Engineering international team. Nowadays, we are implementing very relevant assignments in Georgia, such as the detailed design of some important road sections, the supervision of works for strategic transport corridors, or the formulation of the sustainable urban mobility plan for the capital city, Tbilisi

What is the nature of your work? In what kind of projects do you work?

I am mainly involved in construction supervision projects, from kick off to completion. This involves all possible aspects of the project, including liaising with the clients and coordinating and managing specialists, partners and subcontractors.

As a Project Manager, observing the reality, recognising all potential problems, and finding solutions are all key issues to ensure our projects run smoothly and according to plan so that they can be delivered on time and within budget.

What are the biggest challenges you typically have to face in your work?

As an engineering services company, we are constantly dealing with people management and with communication. It is therefore very important to recruit and to retain the most suitable staff for each assignment.

Today, an important part of my work relates to people’s management, putting different professional backgrounds and from different parts of the world working together to achieve a common goal. As challenging as it sounds, it is also a very exciting and rewarding activity.

Every involved party is essential to the success of our projects. For this reason, I am always open to listen to all feedbacks and to show flexibility to solve any problems that may arise.

What are the most positive aspects of being part of IRD Engineering?

It is a great opportunity to be part of IRD Engineering family. I believe the company gives all employees the opportunity to contribute to the society and to play a global role.

Additionally, I need to express my gratitude and appreciation for the support and mentoring received since I am employed here. It indicates how much attention is given for employee growth and sustainability.

How do you think IRD Engineering has contributed to the wellbeing of the citizens of Georgia?

Georgia is a crossroad of the main maritime, air and land routes and IRD Engineering is being involved in the development of very strategic projects for my country.

For example, the Rikoti Pass, a vital section of the East-West highway, is a very challenging and complex road section. A project of this magnitude had not yet been implemented in the whole Caucasus. IRD Engineering led the preparation of the detailed design and bidding documents for the Construction of the Khevi -Ubisa-Shorapni-Argveta Sections (E60 Highway Route) and nowadays 80% of the Rikoti Pass project is in construction phase, and already 1.5 hours of travelling time is being saved.

IRD Engineering truly does an important duty for the society in Georgia. It is for this that I am really honoured to be part of the organisation, having the opportunity to play an active part in my country’s infrastructure development and contributing to its overall economic competitiveness.

Why in your opinion Georgia is worth a visit?

From delicious food to hospitable people, from incredible landscapes to vibrant cities, Georgia is the place to be.

It is an amazing nation where, within a short time, you can enjoy the Black Sea beaches, the Caucasus mountains and also a young and cosmopolitan urban life, where traditions meet the modern world.

Georgian people are always ready to welcome you!

Thank you!