Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make myself known as a person and not just as an engineer. I am grateful and proud to be part of a company like IRD Engineering, which ranks among the top of the engineering services company landscape. All this is certainly possible thanks to individuals who feel part of a family.

Linda, please tell us about yourself:

I was born in a small province in Abruzzo. The few job opportunities and a restricted reality pushed me to have an extra incentive to do something unconventional. Hence the decision to study in the Marche region, where I graduated in M.Sc. in Civil Engineering. During the Graduation days I received my first job offer in Milano, working as Structural Engineer in a task force with Snamprogetti-ENI on behalf of the Saudi Aramco Oil Company (Oil & Gas sector) and coordinating the design team. After a year, I realized how difficult environment was for women, unfortunately, with few possibilities of career. This made me search for other professional stimuli, confiding in someone who believed in my potential. And I found it with IRD.

When did you join IRD?

I moved to Rome in 2006 on the occasion of the beginning of my collaboration with IRD. It seemed to me a very different reality, dynamic and flexible compared to other companies. I was struck by its international footprint. The impact with a small company that had a great vision and enormous forward-looking goals was extremely positive (we were all under 30s). The thing that most gratified me was the considerable trust the director, Mr. Paolo Orsini, placed in each of his employees, immediately making them independent and responsible for their actions.

What kind of projects you are currently managing?

I am currently managing 6 supervision contracts for infrastructure projects in Montenegro and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The beneficiaries are Motorways, Railways, and Transport Administrations of those beautiful countries, for projects funded by EBRD, EIB, WBIF, all under FIDIC Conditions of Contract. In 16 years with IRD I have managed 25 projects in 6 countries.

What are the biggest challenges you typically have to face in your work?

I found the greatest difficulty with the stress caused by working in countries with different rules and laws, especially in design, with clients who sometimes have very demanding requests and often require the search for fast and low impact solutions on budget and timing. But the day I will never forget was the daring delivery of a tender document carried by hand in Moldova years ago. Dozens of adverse situations happened to me that could preclude the final delivery of the offer (from the loss of my luggage from the flight company, to the blocking of my card in the ATM, to the cancellation of the return flight due to snow). But in the end everything went well and I remember it with a smile.

How do you think your work contributes to the wellbeing of the citizens in the countries where we work?

When I meet all colleagues and Clients in the different countries, I always feel being part of their common vision: establishing connections with the rest of Europe. I am proud of helping the development of that region, with great people who deserve to reach the best level of integration with Europe, both economic and social. One of the first step to reach this goal is doing what we do.

What are the most positive aspects of being part of IRD Engineering?

Flexibility, Reliability and Opportunity: these are the positive aspects. The company is growing in the international scenario. All clients learned to trust on us. The company aim is to have always the best approach to solve issues and clients’ appreciation is the best reward.