IRD Engineering has successfully completed the Technical Assistance to the Armenian Territorial Development Fund Agency (ATDF), funded by the Asian Development Bank to support the Seismic Safety Improvement Program (SSIP).

SSIP was formulated to support the implementation of the National Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction and aims at increasing the seismic resilience of school buildings, strengthening seismic disaster preparedness.

The project comprised the review of geological, geotechnical, structural and non-structural school design; the assessment of the quality control procedures for strengthening schools’ buildings; spot inspections of the construction of new schools’ buildings; schools’ seismic design endorsements; and the implementation of a personalised training program.

IRD Engineering successfully completed all tasks, providing valuable assistance in enhancing the technical capacity of ATDF to execute and implement the SSIP.

We would like to thank our team, the project beneficiaries, and ADB’s staff for their strong and proactive collaboration during the whole project’s development.

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