In order to improve key sections of its road network, the Government of the Republic of Moldova has sought assistance from international financing institutions, such as the EBRD, towards the cost of the Moldova Roads Sector Program IV, aimed at investing in the modernization of transport and road infrastructure.

Part of this Program is the National Road R6, Chisinau – Orhei – Balti. The sections subject to rehabilitation will enhance the connection between the two most populated cities in the country, and will improve the transport of goods and passengers and the overall road safety conditions.

In this context, IRD Engineering has just signed a new contract to carry out the duties of “the Engineer” in accordance with FIDIC MDB Harmonised Edition for the rehabilitation of two road sections.

The Project comprises two lots with a total length of 29.7 km. The cross section of the existing road is 2 lanes (one carriageway), which requires an additional third lane along the entire section. Also, a four lanes-wide 7-span bridge is included in the scope of works.

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