The survey “Champion 2019” carried out by “L’Economia” of Corriere della Sera the ItalyPost Study Center, with the support of the Crédit Agricole Group and the participation of auxiell, Glasford International and Equinox, is publicly available.

The report considers the 600 best Italian SMEs that had the best performance between 2011 and 2017, divided into champion companies (20-120 million) and superchampions (120-500 million).

These top enterprises have met requirements of absolute excellence: a rate of annual growth of at least 7% for the champion companies and 4.5% for the superchampions, an average ebitda of the last three years respectively of 10% and 8.5%, a Pfn / ebitda ratio of 1.8 and of 2.5, and a rating assigned by Modefinance of at least triple B.

IRD Engineering Srl was selected among the 600 best Italian companies and in the Lazio region, territory in which it operate, appears among the best 17 companies.

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Source: ItalyPost