The project is a PPP between the Highways State Company (Avtodor) and South-East Highway, the Concessionaire, aiming at the construction of the start-up complex No. 4 of the Central Ring Road (CRR).

The Russian government is progressing well with the construction of the Central Ring Road around Moscow. The new road, with 4-8 lanes in each direction, is divided in five sections with a total length of 339 km.

In 2017 IRD was part of a joint venture that resulted awarded with a contract for the Design Review and Construction Supervision services for complex No. 3, a section of 105 km. Again some months ago, and after winning an international tender, the company signed a new contract, for complex No. 4.

This last project comprises a 97 km heavy duty asphalt-concrete road with four 7.5 m lanes and an estimated traffic speed of 140 Km/h. It will have 66 bridge structures, 49 flyovers and 7 traffic interchanges on different levels.

The investment value of this section is roughly 1.1 billion Euro.

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