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EU Office to Kosovo


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

TA for the Supervision during the Reconstruction of 5 bridges on the M2 Road

One of the main ways for both freight and personal transport in the Kosovar territory was the primary access route into and out of the country, the Blace border crossing with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. This border crossing connects directly with Pristina via the M2 arterial road. Along this route there are a total of 17 bridges, 12 of which had already been upgraded to meet Eurocode and military standards, while other five bridges still needed to be upgraded.

The EU had implemented the refurbishment projects for the remaining five bridges along the M2 road to ensure safe and speedy access for goods and people into and out of the country.

IRD Engineering provided supervision services for the implementation of the works contract for the reconstruction of the above mentioned 5 bridges on the road M2, destroyed during the conflict in the year 1999, in order to enable normal intercity links and better access to the Border Crossings with the neighboring countries.