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Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Supervision of Works for the Lifeline Roads Improvement Project

The Republic of Armenia had applied for a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) for the implementation of the Lifeline Roads Improvement Project, to rehabilitate and repair approximately 100 km of local roads.

The type of roads rehabilitation works included reconstruction, levelling course, surface dressing or graveling, depending on the location. Road safety and drainage improvements were also included sub-projects.

The objectives of the assignment were to ensure that civil works were carried out in full compliance with the engineering design, technical specifications and other contract documents in order to achieve timely completion and high quality of construction and to ensure that the design, implementation and operation of temporary traffic diversions were effective and safe and to build local capacity in road safety for future road schemes.

The works were carried out in accordance with FIDIC Red Book Conditions of Contract.