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State Road Administration


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Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Supervision of Rehabilitation of the Road R34 Hincesti – Leova – Cahul – Giurgiulesti

A Joint Venture led by IRD Engineering signed a new contract in Moldova. The project aims at the Supervision of Rehabilitation Works on the Road R34 and it is financed by the EBRD.

The road R34 Hincesti – Leova – Cahul – Giurgiulesti runs from Hincesti towards Giurgiulesti, a strategic location for the country, where the international free port is located. It is a national road with a total length of 181 km.

The aim of this rehabilitation project is mainly to improve the geometrical characteristics of the existing road as well as to strengthen the bearing capacity, renewing the flexible pavement, improving traffic safety and shortening travel time.

The rehabilitation works are planned for the first 83 km of the road and are divided in two lots: Lot 1 – km 0+000 – km 42+200 and Lot 2 – km 42+200 – km 83+000.

Thanks to this new contract, IRD Engineering carries out the duties of “the Engineer” according to FIDIC Conditions of Contract (MDB Harmonised Edition 2010), including the management of any variations and claims occurring during the implementation of the project.